G4 + Speech Recognition


License key for G4.



License key for G4 devices.

For G4 you can set:

  • a) lightbulb relay — for any light device,
  • b) lightbulb dimmer – for any dimming device,
  • c) lightbulb RGB – for RGB device,
  • d) switch — for any relay loads,
  • e) outlet — for any outlets (relay loads),
  • f) thermostat — for control climate, using HVAC or IR commands, via DDP, DTP panels,
  • g) window covering – for control shades,
  • h) garage door opener – for control garage door,
  • i) temperature sensor — for indication of temperature,
  • j) contact sensor — for indication status of contacts (NO or NC),
  • k) leak sensor — for indication status of leakage,
  • l) smoke sensor – for indication status of smoke,
  • m) light sensor — for indication lighting value,
  • n) humidity sensor — for indication humidity value,
  • o) motion sensor — for detecting movement,
  • p) music player — for control some Z-Audio functions (PLAY/STOP),
  • q) IR emitter – for IR control,
  • r) lock mechanism – for control lock