Raspberry Pi have two audio outputs: HDMI and 3.5 mm jack. You can use both outputs for getting Audio.

For getting Powerful Sound, we recommend use Audio Receiver.

For setup built-in Music Stream Services go to http://pyxis.local:6680/ in your web browser.

a) You will get this page:


b) Click to “Setings” and you will get this page:



c) To setup Spotify, click on Spotify.

Enable this feature and fill Username and Password from your Spotify Account. Choose Music Quality in drop-down menu.

spotifyd) To setup Google Music, click on Google Music.

Enable this feature and fill Username and Password from your Google Account. Fill Device ID also (Please, pay attention how to get it in interface).


e) To setup Tune In, click on Tune In.

Enable this feature.



f) To setup playback from USB device, click on Local Files.

Enable this feature. USB drive must be connected to USB port of Raspberry PI with Pyxis software.


g) When you will finish setup, click on “Update settings (reboot)…”. After that, restart Raspberry Pi with Pyxis software, in web interface.


h) Then go to http://pyxis.local:6680/ in your web browser again, Click on Spotmop for getting Spotify web interface or Moped for getting Tune In, Google Music or Music Files from USB device.

Spotify web interface




Web interface for Google Music,Tune In and USB device




All services you will find in Browse section.

For playing music from USB device, go to Files. You will get folders with your music files.




You can also add own Internet Radio Station. Click on Radio and fill ” Radio station name” and “Radio stream address”.




Enjoy the music!