Set new Pyxis 5.1.0.

Pyxis 5.1.0 is enhanced and improved version of 4.1.0.

In Pyxis 5.1.0 added:

  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Backup and restoration ability
  • DLP buttons emulation
  • Bridge mode for Xiaomi wireless switches (including Mi Magic Cube)
  • RGB control for Xiaomi Gateway (DGNWG02LM)
  • Added support of new Zigbee Xiaomi devices (Smart curtain (ZNCLDJ11LM), Leak sensor (SJCGQ11LM), contact sensor (MCCGQ11LM), temperature and humidity sensor (WSDCGQ11LM), smoke sensor (JTYJ-GD-01LM/BW), wireless button (WXKG11LM), wireless button (WXKG01LM), smart socket (QBCZ11LM), wireless switch (WXKG02LM), wireless switch (WXKG03LM), Xiaomi Mi Magic Cube Controller (MFKZQ01LM)
  • Battery Level status for Wireless devices
  • Enhanced Web UI
  • In this version we temporary disable Modbus and Z-Wave. It will enabled in next version (after fixing bugs)