Hardware required

— Raspberry Pi 2 or Raspbery Pi 3 (excluding Raspbery Pi 3 Model B+) mini PC,

— power supply for Raspberry Pi (at least it need 5V 2A and more amperage). Lower amperage may cause memory leaks, bugs and glitches,

— micro SD card 4Gb (Class 10) minimum. Please use original SD card, manufactured by Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk. Strongly recommend to use industrial micro SD.

Flashing SD card 

1. Download latest image. Plug your micro SD card into PC or Laptop and format it (FAT32).

2. Download and install Etcher on PC or Laptop.

3. Flash, using Etcher, zip image on SD card

4. Insert micro SD in Raspberry Pi, connect Raspberry Pi in the same router, that IP interface of Smart Home device and turn it on.

5. Put in web browser http://pyxis.local. You will get Pyxis web interface. If you can’t find Pyxis web interface, try to use IP address. You can identify IP address of Pyxis,  using IP scanner or using web interface of router.

- Yandex Alice support (lights, switches, outlets, thermostats and curtains).
- Google Assistant control for curtains.
- AC and FH control for Enviro panel
- Reverse feature for curtain control
- Enhanced HDL Buspro, G4, KNX and Xiaomi driver.
- Zigbee stick (CC2531) support (test mode).
- New App for Android, iOS and iPadOS
- Minor bugs fixed.

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