1. Download latest image and unzip it. Plug your micro SD card to PC or Laptop and format it (FAT32).

2. Download and install Win32DiskImager. Run it.

3. If you use Mac or Linux, use Etcher.

4. Write unzipped image on your micro SD card, using Win32DiskImager (open *.img file in Win32DiskImager, choose your SD card, and press «Write»). For Etcher, you need make same actions.

5. Insert micro SD in Raspberry Pi, connect Raspberry Pi in the same router, that IP interface of Smart Home and turn it on.

6. Fill in WEB browser http://pyxis.local and enter it. You will see configuration page. If you can’t see configuration page, try to enter Pyxis settings, using IP address. You can identify IP address of Pyxis using IP scanner or using web interface of router.