- Which differences FREE and PRO versions?

There are two license types:

Free - you can use Pyxis without license key with all features. There is only one limitation - quantity of accessories. In this mode you can control only any 5 accessories, e.g. one relay channel, one dimmer channel, one curtain channel, one thermostat and one humidity sensor.

Pro - full version. This version allow to use Pyxis without limitations. Price depends of chosen protocols and you can use several devices on different protocols in same project .

Free version allow to evaluate Pyxis and make decision about purchasing.

- How I can connect to Pyxis for setup?

All setups, you need to make in any web browser, on any device (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone). Put in web browser http://pyxis.local and you will get Pyxis web interface. If you can’t find Pyxis web interface, try to use IP address. You can identify IP address of Pyxis, using IP scanner or using web interface of router.

- How I can log in Pyxis?

Initially, Pyxis has default login and password: admin and admin. We strongly recommend to change it for improving security.

- Where I can find more detailed setup info?

You can find more info in Pyxis Wiki.

- Where I can get info about supported types for different protocols and voice assistants?

You can find more info in table below.