1. If you use Pyxis 3.1.0 please, upload Patch.

2. Update Pyxis by downloaded patch. Wait for 3-5 minutes.

3. After, enter to WEB interface of Pyxis (use this link http://pyxis.local/ or use IP address of Pyxis)

4. Mark in “CHOOSE TECHNOLOGIES” section Speech Recognition.


5. Choose in “ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES SETUP” type of speech recognizer – GoogleHome or Amazon Echo.


6. Find all your Light Devices and fill “Speech Title” for every Type, like Lightbulb Relay, Lightbulb Dimmer, Lightbulb RGB.

7. Save settings and restart PYXIS.

8. Wait for 4-5 minutes.

9. Connect your Smart Home devices to Amazon Echo using: App, Web interface or voice control.

Please tell: “Alexa, find my Smart Home Devices”.

10. When Alexa stop discovering, she will inform about finding devices. In Alexa App and in Web interface you will see discovered devices.

11. Now you can use Amazon Echo for control Light Devices.

Important note: If you want to use Alexa in test mode (without license key), choose in “Setup license” section, in “Choose technology for free mode ” line – Speech Recognition. Then save changes and restart Pyxis. After that, you can find devices, using Alexa.