Meet new Pyxis!

Pyxis 4.1.0 is next generation of Pyxis software .

We have fixed “old” bugs, added renewed drivers, new interface, anti-doubling protection and other new features.

In this version added:

  • KNX IP tunneling support,
  • KNX curtain control,
  • KNX thermostat,
  • KNX leak sensor,
  • HDL IR control bug fixed
  • HDL Broadcast channel
  • G4 curtain control (in test mode)
  • Amazon Alexa and Google Home for G4 (in test mode)
  • Z-wave relay and dimmer control,
  • Z-wave sensors (temperature, humidity, light)
  • Improved Modbus driver
  • Xiaomi Mi Home support (switch and outlet control, contact sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, PIR)
  • Blustream commands
  • Custom Terminal commands